Gujarat Institute of Desert Ecology (GUIDE)



KSKV Kachchh University, Bhuj-Kachchh, India

Mailing address:

Post Box # 83, Mundra Road
Bhuj – 370 001. Dist. Kachchh, Gujarat. INDIA
Phone: +91-2832 329408, 235025
Fax: +91-2832 235027

Mission statement

We devote in research on dry land environmental issues. We catalyse the process of ameliorating hardships to human beings in desert ecosystems of Gujarat, following sound ecological principles and carefully using scientific knowledge, imaginative technology and capital.

The environment of the location

GUIDE operates from a single campus and is located at Bhuj in Kachchh district of Gujarat state in India. Kachchh, the 2nd largest district in the country (45,652 km2), is located in the north-western region of Gujarat state and stretches between 22° 41′ 11″ – 24° 41′ 47″ N lat. and 68° 09′ 46″ – 71° 54′ 47 E long. The district shares its international boundary in the north and north-west with Pakistan, whereas the Arabian Sea lies in the west and south-west. The land area on the southern side is limited by Gulf of Kachchh. Kachchh experiences extremes of weather conditions, characterized by three distinct seasons: winter, summer and monsoon. Temperature ranges from 2 to 48 °C in the region and it receives much of its rainfall from the south-west monsoon (end of June to August). Average annual rainfall range from 252 mm to 451 mm, with an average of 350 mm. A region, with 13 days of rain in a year (average number of rainy days in a year is only 13) experiences high evapo-transpiration rate. Bhuj is around 60 km away from Banni, once happen to be Asia’s finest grassland and presently under the grip of severe infestation by Prosopis juliflora.

Short history and milestones

GUIDE was established in May 1995 based on expert advice from Prof. Uriel Safriel, then Head, Mitrani Centre for Desert Ecology, Israel. GUIDE is an offshoot of a MoU signed between Gujarat Ecology Commission (GEC) and Jacob Blaustein Institute of Desert Research (JBIDR), Israel in September 1993. GUIDE became a stand-alone institution in the whole of Gujarat state to address dry land environmental issues. Today there are nearly 50 researchers, staff and students working on approximately 12 research projects per year that takes place throughout the Kachchh region and beyond in Gujarat state in India. A multidisciplinary team of Scientists from diverse ecological background and vast field experiences and supporting Research Biologists form the backbone of the institute. All the research activities are performed with inter-disciplinary approach.


The general structure of the institute is presented as below:

Areas of Research

GUIDE’s research themes are based on both basic and applied research. GUIDE’s research activities are linked to the goal of developing it as a centre of excellence in the study of understanding and addressing ecological, environmental and social problems and/or issues and promoting sustainable development in arid and semi-arid regions of the state.

The areas on which GUIDE has been undertaking research projects are as below:

  • Ecological Restoration
  • Natural Resource Development
  • Biodiversity and Conservation
  • Coastal, Marine and Mangrove
  • Environmental Planning & Management
  • Environmental Assessment: Environmental Impact Assessment and Regional Environmental Assessment