About us

What is GNDRI?

GNDRI is a network of research institutions committed to dryland research aimed at promoting institutional interactions for increasing cooperation and generating  complementarities and synergies in research, education, training and outreach relevant to the sustainable use of the global drylands.

GNDRI is not an association of individual scientists: eligible members are institutes committed to carry out research on drylands and at least 80% of the peer-reviewed publications published by the candidate institute should address dryland issues. Moreover, the candidate institute should comprise an academic or research staff of at least 10 positions.

What will GNDRI offer in future?
  • A GNDRI News Bulletin – a tool for current information exchange between Network members
  • Access to a data base on availability of research facilities in each of the Network member institutions, for facilitating exchange of researchers and students.
  • Access to a global database of information on drylands research institutions and their research activities.
  • An outreach platform conveying research results generated by the member institutions, targeting policy-makers and the general public.