GNDRI is aimed at promoting institutional interactions for increasing cooperation and generating complementarities and synergies in research, education, training and outreach relevant to the conservation, sustainable use and restoration of drylands worldwide.

From this perspective the Network will:

  • promote joint research relevant to drylands towards integrating and accelerating the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals;
  • promote the establishment and reinforcement of observatories on environmental assessment and monitoring;
  • provide mechanisms and tools for the exchange of information, knowledge, curricula, and expertise on dryland research;
  • facilitate exchange of students, lecturers, researchers, and promote cross-institutional training, teaching, as well as inter- and transdisciplinary research;
  • streamline the conveying of research results targeting policy-makers, civil society, and other stakeholders;
  • promote the development of science-policy-practice interface from national to global levels;
  • support the social and economic development while ensuring environmental sustainability in drylands;
  • identify and promote measures for safeguarding the natural and cultural diversity of drylands worldwide in interventions designed to maintain and, where possible, enhance land-based natural capital and the ecosystem services that flow from it;
  • explore and encourage synergies relevant to multilateral environmental agreements;
  • cooperate in the above activities and exchange information with professional networks of institutions working in fields of dryland science and policy advice.